Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses Lens

What kind of material for sunglasses is better? When we buy cheap Ray Ban sunglasses, there is a very important detail is to sunglasses on the material selection, so that it can better help us to buy a good pair of sunglasses. Here, I’ll introduce you to a few common lenses.

PC lens, strong and tough, not easy to break, impact resistance, sports glasses with special lens material, the price is higher than the acrylic lens.

Glass, slightly higher than the clarity of the resin, but the lens weight, and easy to break (even tempered glass).

Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses Lens (1)
Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses Lens

Resin lens is a phenolic structure of chemical substances, characteristics: light weight, high temperature resistance, impact resistance, can effectively block ultraviolet.

Nylon lens, made of nylon, characterized by very high elasticity, excellent optical quality and strong impact resistance.

AC lens has excellent toughness, weight light, high visibility, good anti fogging.

The function of Polaroid lens is to accept only one direction to the other direction of light, the light back, it is to use the principle of shutter filter, stray light, so that we will see things more clearly.

It is an eccentric lens, convex surface of a cross made of a camber not parallel, in order to make the light refractive index in the acceptable range of our eyes, our sight is not clear dizziness, the pursuit of fashion to glasses and protect our eyes.

Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses Lens (2)
Cheap Ray Ban Sunglasses Lens

What about Ray-Ban sunglasses lens? Ray-Ban is a famous brand of sunglasses, by some celebrities and fashion people’s favorite, but we know how much of Ray Ban glasses?

Outlet Ray Ban sunglasses, a symbol of a successful man. The shape is rough and natural, has the good eye protection function. High quality lenses have been a selling point for Ray-Ban sunglasses. Knockoff Ray Ban Sunglasses with ultra visual clarity, color stability, grinding precision, scratch resistance, impact resistance, anti UV, filter other harmful light characteristics. The design and manufacture of the philosophy of Ray Ban outlet online frame, an accurate theory and creation of an identical nature of the lens, the material is very durable, always wear comfortable, very thoughtful face.

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