Cheap Ray Bans, the 2018 Black Friday and Christmas glasses

Cheap Ray Bans, can there be more Christmas glasses? Does not your logo remind you of Santa Claus?

cheap Ray Bans outlet
cheap Ray Bans

The cheap Ray Ban sunglasses logo has always reminded me of Christmas. I guess it’s because of the colors, the same that Santa Claus looks in his style: Red and white. At Christmas everything is red and white. I do not know if you’ve noticed.

In addition,  cheap Ray Bans outlet has launched a campaign that is very Christmas, very much like the Almendro with that legendary spot “he comes home for Christmas. In this case, for Christmas and Black Friday 2018, Ray Ban proposes a return to the origins, and with his head held high.

With the motto #ProudToBelong (the pride of belonging), Ray Ban creatives have devised different situations with different characters. Some return with the family, others with friends, others with their inner self … Anyway, all return to their origins, their roots, their essence as people.

And fake Ray Bans also returns this Christmas, not to its deepest origins, because it would have to go back to 1937, but to the sixties. A trip in which he recovers two of his most emblematic models. Meteor and Nina glasses.

fake Ray Ban sunglasses
fake Ray Bans

Fake Ray Ban sunglasses are practical, modern but with a nostalgic root. They take you to the post-war United States, to the jazz sessions at the Village Vanguard … They are inspired by the clairvoyant Wayfarer, but have a rounder lens and a larger bridge. There is a very complete black version, but the option in the carey finish or the transparent frame is also very cool. Come on, everyone.

Nina sunglasses have a sophisticated feline saddle, cat’s eye, with a bridge in the shape of a keyhole and its emblematic edges, perfectly represent the spirit of French and Italian women of the 60s. And it’s the glasses preferred by Nina Kraviz.

I like them but don’t love them, for some reason they’re a bit wide on my face and keep falling off. My bf wears them without issue though and loves them.I guess I need to get girlier ones. Sunglasses fit my nose bridge well. I have a flat bridge and hard to find glasses that stay on. I had to get used to the blue mirror shade from behind the lenses as it kept feeling like it was smudged but the inside and outside lens was clean. Just an adjustment to the color. Works well for driving.

knockoff ray bans
knockoff raybans

If you’re cool, at Christmas you can also go back to knockoff Ray Bans online store,, and catch some of these Christmas glasses.

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