3 screens are available, a tinted solar (blue in my case) for very sunny conditions, a transparent, for the night or dark conditions and finally a slightly pink more suitable for fog and changing conditions.

The set is lightweight (28g) and looks solid. But it is the side of the technical characteristics that these fake Oakley sunglasses are the most interesting.

fake Oakleys
fake Oakleys

One of the interesting features of fake Oakleys is the fact that there is no frame on the top of the glasses, leaving the field of vision free when you have your head tilted, which is often the case on bike .

cheap Oakley sunglasses
cheap Oakley sunglasses

Cheap Oakley sunglasses get their name from their screen lock mechanism. To replace the latter, simply turn the branches 45°upwards. The nasal tip on its side is removed by pinching. Note that the latter offers 3 positions and allows to adjust slightly the distance of the screens of your face.

It’s simple and it works. No need to force yourself as a damned and wonder if you are not going to force break the screen or the branches. And it also avoids putting your fingers on the screen leaving traces.

Screen quality

All lenses supplied by Smith Optics are hydrophobic (repels water) and oil repellent (repels oil). What to ride in the rain without being bothered by the drops? We will come back later.

This treatment also aims to limit fingerprints, sweat, mud, … in short, everything that at a certain moment comes to obstruct the vision after a few hours of saddle.

The screens are large and should provide good protection even at high speed. However, no ventilation holes present on them to limit the appearance of fogging.

cheap Ray Bans UK
fake Ray Bans UK

The optical quality of cheap Ray Bans UK seems to be at the rendezvous, without any noticeable distortion whether in the center or on the sides.

The slightly deformable branches allow to perfectly marry all the faces.

The fact of not having a mount on the top is a real plus and offers a larger field of vision when your head is down. Another advantage, sweat runs less easily on the screens, there is less thickness, sweat drops sneak between the front and the glasses. I was able to see it on an exit by 25°, no drop of sweat came dirty my screen, while I have this problem with all my other cheap Ray Ban sunglasses outlet!

cheap Ray Ban sunglasses
cheap Ray Ban sunglasses

I was able to test over 80km of drizzle these cheap Ray Ban sunglasses. Drizzle, these fine droplets that tend to stick on the screen and interfere with your vision. There, the hydrophobic treatment works wonders, since they slide on the screen. Of course, there are still a few drops, but they are much less numerous. And if you go downhill, as soon as you reach 40 / 45km / h, all the drops slide on the screen and disappear.

Ditto when you are in the wheels of colleagues on wet and muddy road (thank you tractors). Dirt cling much less easily and it is sufficient, if necessary, to spend the hand on the screen so that everything disappears without a trace.

And contrary to what one might fear, the fact of not having a frame does not generate an unpleasant airflow in the eyes. Being a wearer of contact lenses, it is a point on which I pay attention and I did not feel anything unpleasant.

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