Whether it’s summer or winter, be sure to wear sunglasses when you go out. The air contains ultraviolet rays, and the damage of ultraviolet rays to the eyes is accumulated over time. If you need to drive for a long time, you should also wear sunglasses. The dazzling light is also called glare, which will affect or even harm the driver’s vision. So how to choose a good pair of cheap ray ban sunglasses? There are many brands of sunglasses on the market. Which brand of sunglasses is worth buying? This question is not easy to answer. I will teach you how to choose the right knockoff ray bans for you!

First, choose a category based on your purpose

If you are driving, traveling, fishing, or in a place where the light is more complicated, choose polarized sunglasses. The lenses of this type of sunglasses are generally darker in color, and are not as fashionable as the other sunglasses to be mentioned next. But there is no shortage of sunglasses brands that combine function and fashion. If you only wear it when you go shopping, and you have a fashionable need to match your clothes to complement your face shape, choose sunshade mirrors. Sunshade mirrors do not have anti-glare function, but they can also prevent UV rays, and the lenses are fashionable and beautiful.

Second, choose according to your face shape and skin tone

Determine the category you need, and then choose the style. The matching of sunglasses and face shapes are as follows: round faces are suitable for sunglasses with thicker frames and cooler or darker lenses, which have a visual effect of tightening the face; small faces are suitable for wearing thin frame or frameless sunglasses, try to choose elegant ones Lens colors such as blue, purple, and light brown will have unexpected effects; for long faces, you should choose flat round or curved mirrors and slightly thicker temples to reduce the slenderness of long faces.

The slender face is generally more skinny, and choosing feminine pink or wine red lenses can increase the brightness of the face; square faces should choose sunglasses with a narrow width and rounded corners of the frame. Then it is necessary to match the skin color. The color of the sunglasses is very particular. The lenses of different colors are often useful. You can choose according to your own needs.

Finally, choose the suitable sunglasses material

The material of replica ray ban sunglasses includes two parts, the material of the frame and the material of the lens, which will be introduced separately next. Frame material: The general sunglasses frame is nothing more than plastic and metal. Lens material: At present, the most common types on the market are glass and resin. Glass lenses are becoming obsolete due to their fragility and weight. The resin lens is just the opposite, it is not easy to break, light weight, and high light transmittance.

After reading this, you can basically make a decision with your own excellent judgment without listening to the rhetoric of any salesperson.

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