Excellent Cheap Ray Ban sunglasses

In the winter, the haze become worse constantly, it is not appropriate to wear a knockoff cheap Ray Bans. However, one to the summer, his face is not a pair of fake Ray Ban sunglasses are embarrassed with others show their fashion consciousness.

knockoff cheap Ray Bans
knockoff cheap Ray Bans

The most poisonous but ultraviolet, when in the summer, you’d better wear fake Ray Bans.

Concave shape is only on the one hand, the protection of the eye is the most professional work of sunglasses. A pair of excellent cheap Ray Ban sunglasses should be “all-around player”, it should filter out more than 99% of the sun’s ultraviolet light, but also to be able to block the light, which can not only deepen the lens color can do. Including polarizing, dyeing, anti-reflective coating is an important means to achieve the above objectives, it can increase the clarity, provide better protection, get a higher contrast or filter out some types of light.

fake Ray Bans
fake Ray Bans

It should be noted that high quality fake Ray Bans, even if the lens is deep, it is difficult to cause “parallax” and “color”, put it not only to filter out the role of light, but also to restore the original appearance of the maximum.

Those through the lens to see the distortion of the world, the red light, green light silly is not clear, then you wear glasses failed. Concerned about the eyes of health, or to choose a regular optical shop, those pavement on the flyover can open the stalls, only hurt the deepest.

But if the time is not allowed, there are also rules to provide you with the general. Although it will not be golden rule, but follow it to go, at least to improve the efficiency of some.

But for ordinary consumers, it is difficult to rely on the naked eye to distinguish the function of glasses, this time, to see how to understand the logo is how enviable things.

Ray Ban sunglasses outlet
Ray Ban sunglasses outlet

1, labeled “UV400”: This indicates that the cutoff wavelength of the lens is 400 nm, that is, the maximum value τmax (λ) of the spectral transmittance at a wavelength (λ) of 400 nm or less is not more than 2%

2, marked “UV”, “anti-UV”: This means that the lens of the UV cut-off wavelength of 380nm, that its wavelength (λ) below 380nm spectral transmittance maximum τmax (λ) is not greater than 2%;

3, marked “100% UV absorption”: This means that the lens has 100% absorption of ultraviolet light function, that is, the average transmission ratio in the ultraviolet range of not more than 0.5%.

To achieve the above requirements of the Ray Ban sunglasses sale, is the true sense of the protection of UV sunglasses.

On the appearance of Ray Ban sunglasses outlet, thousands of words really can not tell. But the recent red, it touches on the distinctive features.

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