JW Anderson X Persol joint eyewear series debut

In this cooperation, Persol, an Italian brand with a history of more than 100 years, will pass on the design and inheritance of excellence, and collide with JW Anderson’s abundant creativity and brand spirit. This blend of aesthetic concepts is injected into the design process, and finally two classic glasses The new interpretation shows the core spirit of the two brands.

Through the unique aesthetic narrative perspective of Northern Ireland, combined with his free and colorful experience in Ibiza, Jonathan Anderson knows how to stand out in today’s fashion field: with a co-branded series full of surprises, a modern interpretation of classics.

JW Anderson combines cross-category design with a multi-faceted style, echoing Persol’s brand genes. The recognizable original 649 glasses and the subversive profile 0009 glasses, plus avant-garde color reshaping, lead the new generation of modernity. Agitation. Both glasses have a long history, and they shine in their respective eras and become the benchmark of the brand. But more than that, they have also become cultural symbols.

”I’ve always been a big fan of Persol,” said Jonathan Anderson, the founder and creative director of JW Anderson. ”Persol’s design is very classic. I wear these glasses. Both the craftsmanship and the quality are amazing. They make I think of classic furniture designs from the middle of the century, and it also inspired my color scheme.”

Photographer Tyler Mitchell took 8 vivid portrait photos for this purpose. With the blessing of the classic set of stylist Benjamin Bruno and the sculptural hairstyle designed by Jamaican-American hair stylist Jawara Wauchope, Persol’s rich vision was cleverly used. History and Anderson’s grotesque interpretation of style is perfectly presented.

“I have always wanted to work with Tyler. He is an amazing artist and photographer. I hope these images are poetic epitome, like a window of inspiration. I also admire Jawara’s charming hairstyle , Which helped us efficiently complete this wonderful shooting.” Anderson said.

Against the simple monotone background, each model has a well-designed sculptural hairstyle that echoes the classic glasses styles 649 and 0009. These two glasses have 8 unique colors, which outline the ingenuity of cruising between ultramodern and pure classicism, and carry a sense of luxury with extreme practicality.

These limited styles enjoy specific packaging services, and also reflect the luxury and practical design concept: JW Anderson X Persol exclusive leather glasses case, exquisite linen storage bag and blue printed gift box, highlighting the innovative spirit of daring to break through.

Please explore JW Anderson’s new generation of glasses masterpieces and feel the unique colorful charm.

It is avant-garde and classic, yet harmonious in disorder. It has a variety of styles, and it is by no means black and white. This limited edition eyewear inherits the endless creative talent of JW Anderson. It combines the sheet metal scraps on the production line with a unique color scheme to give new life to the existing materials while creating a unique new look for eyewear. From bold red and blue color matching, iconic amber color matching blue, to elegant Havana color matching pink or tortoiseshell pattern, the passionate collision of modern colors and avant-garde styles brings a different visual impact to this classic glasses.

The original Persol 0009 glasses are known for their two-in-one, four-lens and four-frame shapes. They showed an avant-garde posture when they were released, and they are the same now. Through the cultural filter of surrealist style, this new interpretation of JW Anderson 0009 glasses reshapes the classics with brisk and unexpected colorful colors, interpreting the core concept of practical luxury. The two-tone frame reflects the designer’s color matching concept: blue and pink, black and white, dark green and light green, or orange and light blue, forming an unconventional appearance. In addition, the left temple is decorated with the JW Anderson brand logo, which complements the iconic Persol foot cover. Proprietary leather spectacle case, linen storage bag and gift box set, even more highlight the unique design personality.


British fashion brand JW Anderson was founded in 2008 by Northern Irish designer Jonathan Anderson. As one of London’s most forward-looking and innovative fashion brands, JW Anderson creates thought-provoking silhouettes through unique design aesthetics and conscious cross-fusion of men’s and women’s clothing elements, providing a modern interpretation of masculinity and femininity. This unique perspective attracted a large number of brand followers and promoted JW Anderson to launch a women’s capsule collection in 2010.

JW Anderson has developed into a well-known international fashion brand that has won multiple awards. It has won multiple nominations and awards at the British Fashion Awards for 8 consecutive years, including the historic “Men’s Designer of the Year” and “Women’s Designer of the Year” in 2015. This is the first time in history that a brand has won both awards at the same time.

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