In terms of sunglasses, the entire Jiangsu and Zhejiang region is still at the middle and low end of the industrial chain.


It started as float glass and can make almost all kinds of glass, car glass, sunglasses, glass curtain wall, etc.

Many French cars are made of this glass, and so are my cars. The three small windows are Saint Gobain, and the four doors and front gear are Pilkington.

So things like glasses are a small case for him. The quality of his polarized glass sheet is better than other products at the same price.

Leather 30409 can almost match Ray-Ban’s 3025. Compared with the tea ash flakes and Lei Ban’s green gray toad mirror, the luminous flux of the skin seems to be higher, and 3025 is colder.

Ray-Ban’s polarized glass is also very good, but the comfort of the frame and the fit of the face are more touching. After all, the leather frame is made of pure titanium, and the texture is full of Ray-Ban, and the 3025 is not originally designed for Asians. .

Bolon| Molsion| Prosun:

It belongs to Xiamen Yarui Optics, another optical behemoth, whose scale is not as large as Chengyi, but it is still the leading manufacturer of mid-range sunglasses in China. It can now be regarded as a brand under the French Essilor Group.

In fact, among the three glasses production bases in China, Xiamen focuses more on mid-end positioning sunglasses. There are independent brands such as Paramount Tyrannosaurus, and the Pearl River Delta focuses more on optical frames, represented by Lu Xun Huahong, and the free shipping area is more Focus on lenses.

Danyang is the capital of Chinese glasses. It mainly refers to lenses. It was first driven by Wanxin, and now it has developed into Wanxin and Mingyue Shuangsha. Of course, compared with the domestic Kemi (the Korean brand was acquired by domestic manufacturers at first), there is still some Distance, after all, Kemi is the fourth largest lens manufacturer in the world. Yarui’s Tyrannosaurus Mosen and Baosheng are both masterpieces of domestic brands.

Tyrannosaurus is positioned at the mid-to-high end, while Mo Sen and Baosheng are at the mid-end, but there is still a shadow of learning from each other in styles. Differentiation should be that Baosheng focuses on polarized light, and Mosen is more fashionable and has more styles.

Feel the conscience and say that there is an absolute advantage in the product for the frames of less than one thousand yuan. Baosheng first set foot in polarized light and was a large Taiwanese-funded factory dedicated to making sunglasses. What needs to be reminded is that some nickel-containing electroplated frames of Mosen may cause skin irritation.

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