The wooden cheap Ray Ban sunglasses are revolutionizing for being a sustainable product respectful with the environment.

cheap Ray Ban sunglasses
cheap Ray Ban sunglasses

They are products that have become fashionable because they are made of noble wood from sustainable forests. Forests are the best resource to reduce carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and help reverse the serious problem of global warming.
The trees are responsible for balancing the water cycle of the Earth, a fundamental aspect to cool the climate that is increasingly hot and harmful. One square meter of vegetation is capable of producing all the oxygen a person needs for a whole year . Forests contribute to the absorption of CO2 in its fixation in soils and biomass, as well as outside the atmosphere, and therefore manage to stabilize the environmental climate. In fact, it is estimated that all forests collect more carbon dioxide than that found in the atmosphere.

fake Ray Bans
fake Ray Bans

The fake Ray Bans is a recently created wooden sunglasses company born in Barcelona and formed by a young entrepreneur couple, responsible with the environment and aware of how important it is to take care of and protect it. The Knockoff Ray Bans manufactures his glasses following an artisanal process and using the best sustainable noble woods, as well as polarized lenses with maximum UV400 protection, achieving a first quality product, of tendency, and respectful with the environment.
The commitment of this Spanish brand is to plant a tree for each product sold, with the aim of helping to repopulate the forests and enhance the nature and environment. In addition, Ray Ban is associated with WE FOREST, an organization based on reforestation.
Sunglasses made with wood from best fake Ray Bans can be easily obtained from their online store.
The best collection of handmade wooden sunglasses
The entire collection of  outlet Ray Ban are made by hand in quality wood, following a manufacturing process, which aims to help care for and protect the environment.
The so-called wood sunglasses have become a revolution in the world of fashion and accessories, because they are intended to be eco-friendly, that is, careful with the environment. For this reason, all our products are.
Unique wooden Ray Ban glasses

high quality fake Ray Bans
high quality fake Ray Bans

All our high quality fake Ray Bans collection is made by hand, so each glasses is unique and unrepeatable. And always, of the best quality. Therefore, no two glasses are the same.
The wood comes from sustainable forests and our mission is to plant 1 tree for each sun glasses from our sold collection.
The lenses of our wooden fake Ray Ban sunglasses have a maximum protection of UV400 and are also polarized.
The glasses come in their recycled rigid packaging, along with a cloth cover and a chamois to clean the lenses of the wooden glasses.
For orders over € 60, the shipping costs are free.
If you have any questions, get in touch with us.

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