What is the difference between cheap sunglasses and expensive sunglasses

Sunglasses are a fashion item for most of us, and even if an ordinary person wears sunglasses, his or her temperament will go up. However, there are many styles of sunglasses on the market now, and the prices are also different. So why should we buy a pair of expensive sunglasses?

The strength of UV filtering ability of sunglasses lenses

First of all, we must understand a concept, ultraviolet light is not the same as strong light. Both cheap sunglasses and expensive sunglasses have the function of darkening the intensity of the light outside, but darkening the light is not the same as blocking the UV rays.Ultraviolet rays are the sun’s rays with wavelengths between 200nm and 380nm, so any lens that can block fiber optic irradiation at wavelengths above 380nm can effectively prevent UV rays that are harmful to the eyes. If it is a regular brand of sunglasses and has”UV400″ logo, then this sunglasses can be very good to prevent UV damage to us.

Wearing poor quality glasses can be extremely harmful to our eyes

When we wear sunglasses, the light will become dark, so our pupils will be enlarged, however, due to this cheap and poor quality sunglasses can not block ultraviolet rays, a large number of ultraviolet rays get into the enlarged pupil, which will cause irreversible damage to our eyes.

Secondly, it hurts our eyesight. Sunglasses have a reasonable optical indicators design, the design includes the lens spherical degree, prism degree, etc., if the design is not reasonable, we will not be able to see the exact shape of the object through these glasses, and easy to cause visual fatigue.Once this situation continues for a period of time, it can further increase our myopia.

Compared with these low-quality, cheap sunglasses, the higher price of good quality sunglasses can really play their true role as sunglasses. Good sunglasses can completely protect against UV rays and reduce the damage of UV rays to the eyes. Optically, they can reduce the deformation of objects and protect our eyesight. And in the wearing experience is also very different.High quality sunglasses are comfortable to wear, sturdy, and have a strong design and appearance that is very compatible with the human body structure. Besides, the strong brand power is also the reason why these high quality sunglasses are expensive.

As far as I am concerned, in this aspect of wearing sunglasses is not to be compromised.Especially those who need to wear sunglasses for a long time or those who wear sunglasses frequently should not compromise.What we need to do is to pay for expensive sunglasses, not sell our health for cheap sunglasses. In this aspect of buying sunglasses, different people have different views, but how to choose sunglasses, ultimately depends on the choice of individuals.

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